16 Ways to Help Your Child Do Well in School

Recently, we came across a pamphlet that we received several years ago. In it, it gives 16 ways parents can help their child do well in school. We would like to share parts of the article with you in hopes that it will encourage and inspire you in this upcoming school year.

1. Take a personal interest. The only words many children hear from their parents about school are these: How was school today? or Go do your homework! As Parents, let's try to be more specific and ask, Do you need my help in understanding your homework assignment? Do you have questions about your lessons at school? Show a personal interest in the learning tasks facing your children.

2. Don't banish your child to their room to study. Working in the same room with you may be helpful. It depends on the nature of the assigned work. Be available for interaction with your child.

3. Teach organizational skills. It is not a news flash to you that children generally are not organized. Doing things in an orderly fashion is a brand-new idea to most children. Begin by training your child to be a list maker - listing things they needs to do at home and at school. The list would include chores, papers to write, books to read, book reports, projects, and homework assignments.

4. Start on the toughest subjects first. Human nature is such that a child is less likely to complete his work if the most difficult tasks are last.

5. Use memory tricks, or mnemonic devices. For instance, the first letters of the five Great Lakes (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior) spell HOMES. It is a matter of associating the unknown with the known. Teaching your child to use memory tricks can be helpful, and even fun.