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Calvary's Graduates and Graduation

Calvary Academy's student expected outcomes express the desired description of a Calvary Academy graduate.  While it is the desire of Calvary Academy's board and staff that all graduates demonstrate these outcomes; we understand that each graduate is a work in progress, and thus at different stages of their overall maturity and walk with the Lord.  Therefore, it is the vision of Calvary Academy that a maturing student, with a submitted heart to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, will demonstrate the following characteristics:


  • Have a growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior

  • Have an age appropriate Biblical worldview, with the ability to articulate and defend it

  • Possess a clear understanding of salvation, and be equipped to share the gospel with others

  • Have a passion to further their walk with the Lord, engaging in the spiritual discipline of bible study, prayer and worship

  • Apply the Word of God to each aspect of their life


  • Demonstrate competency in each subject area through knowledge and application

  • Incorporate a Biblical worldview in all subject matter

  • Demonstrate the ability to research, think critically, and problem solve

  • Demonstrate good study/test taking skills and preparation

  • Effectively communicate through the written and spoken word

  • Use and apply technology appropriately

  • Appreciate the creative and fine arts, using their creative ability and talents for the glory of God

Class of 2022-2023

Class of 2023.jpeg


  • Apply biblical truth to their relationships, treating others with respect, dignity, grace and truth

  • Understand God's plan for authority, demonstrating proper respect for those in positions of authority over them

  • Demonstrate an understanding of Biblical guidelines in interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution

  • Understand the value of service and civic responsibility

  • Take responsibility for their actions; understanding that their thoughts, choices, and actions have consequences, both positive and negative

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