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Theme: Community

Theme Verse: "For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, 5 so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others".   Romans 12:4-5

Goal: Our theme for the year will revolve around the word COMMUNITY. It is our prayer that our students will come to understand that we are saved into a community. It is our goal to provide events that will help the students to learn what this community is and how to play their part in it.

August      26: Jonathan Brooks (Convocation)

September 6: Michael Best

                    13: Michael Best

                    20: 8th Grade Chapel

                    25: See you at the Pole! (Wednesday morning at 7:00 am)

Global Community (Missions Emphasis Month):


Goal: Our prayer is that as students learn about the community that God has called us into, they begin to understand that this is a global community that is bigger than Calvary, bigger than Chicago, and bigger than the United States.


September 27: Camp Chisomo/ Malawi, Africa

                             About Camp Chisomo-Video


October       4: Pastor Bob Lullo/ Dominican Republic

                     11: No Chapel

                     18: Pastor James Choi/ Sierra Leone, Africa

                     25: Pastor Dave Prince/Zambia, Africa

November  1: No School

                     8: Seventh Grade

                   15: Sixth Grade

                   22: Student Council Chapel

                   29: No Chapel- Thanksgiving

December    6: Professor Peter Worrall

                     13: Fifth Grade

                     20: Christmas Chapel

                     27: No Chapel-Christmas Break



January        3: No Chapel- Christmas Break

                     10: Michael Best

                     17: Fourth Grade

                     24: No Chapel

          31: Mr. Amoros


February      6: Professor Ernest Gray

                     14: No Chapel

                     21: Third Grade

                     28: Pastor Jonathan Reynolds

March    6: Leslie Rogers

              13: First Grade

              20: Mr. Cameron

              27: Mr. Ritzema


April        3: No Chapel-Spring Break

                 9: Maundy Thursday Devotion- Mr. Ritzema

               10: Good Friday Devotion- Mr. Amoros

               12: Easter Devotion-Mr. Cameron

               17: Mr. Amoros

               24: Mr. Cameron


May          1: Mr. Amoros

                 8: Mr. Ritzema

                15: Michael Best

                22: 8th Grade Graduation Chapel

                29: No Chapel-Olympic Day

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