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Know, Love, Serve:

Thank you for visiting the Calvary Academy’s spiritual life page. It is our goal to be intentional in providing events and programming for our students so that they may KNOW, LOVE, and SERVE God.



            Our Bible classes begin in kindergarten and continue through 8th grade. We use Christian Schools International curriculum Walking with God and His People from k-7th grade. This curriculum provides students a comprehensive overview of scripture and Church history as well as providing them with the necessary skills to study the Bible on their own. In 8th grade, we use Summit Publishing’s Lightbearers curriculum which helps students to integrate their Biblical knowledge into worldview studies and it provides them the skills and information that they need to defend their faith as they prepare to leave Calvary.



            Being a Christian is not about being saved from hell. It is about being saved for a relationship with God. We seek to provide ways in which students can focus on building their relationship with God. Weekly throughout the year, the whole school meets together across the parking lot at Spirit of God Fellowship for chapel. This gives the students the time to respond to God’s word through musical worship as well as a time of preaching from various speakers. Besides chapel, there is a time set aside each morning for prayer and devotions in each classroom. Beginning this spring, we will set aside a whole week (Spiritual Emphasis week) to re-focus on what it means to have a relationship with God.



            Jesus said in Matthew 25, “whatever you did not do for the least of these you did not do for me.” As Christians, we have an opportunity and responsibility to serve God and serve others. We strive to provide opportunities for our students to be involved in service at Calvary, in South Holland, and across the World. Each class has a local partnership whom they serve throughout the year. As a school, we have a global partnership with Camp Chisomo in Malawi, Africa.

Thank you for your interest in spiritual life at Calvary Academy! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


IN Christ,

Mr. Daniel J. Cameron

Spiritual Life Coordinator and Jr. High Bible Teacher

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