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& these are our stories

Chai T.

We are so very blessed to have Chai here at Calvary Academy. She is a wonderful student with many interests.  Her favorite subject is math and she likes to play basketball.  One of her hobbies is to dance and she really likes the colors gold and pink. Chai told us her favorite Bible verse is Psalms 100, which is perfect since she loves to praise Jesus and God at home and at school. Chai is proud that her brother, Chace, is also a student at Calvary and is in the 5th grade.

Donaven C.

Donaven is in the 3rd grade at Calvary Academy and willingly and enthusiastically participates in class discussions. His favorite subjects are math and history. Donaven doesn't just have a favorite Bible verse, but a favorite book in the Bible - Nehemiah.  Donaven is also an athlete.  He plays baseball and is a great football player.  He can throw a football that rivals an NFL player! 

Joshua M.

Joshua is an extraordinary Wolverine!  He is finishing up his 7th grade year here at Calvary and is involved in many activities.  He was on the volleyball and basketball team and he was also involved in Calvary's Spring Musical, "Haphazardly Ever After", where he played the Magic Mirror.  Joshua really enjoys english class and his favorite Bible verse is John 3:16.  

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