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As stated in the Calvary Handbook, there are two mandatory fundraisers each year.  One fundraiser is held in the fall and the other is held in the spring. The fall fundraiser is kicked off with an assembly showcasing the items to be sold and the prizes students can earn by participating.  The assembly is a great way to motivate the students and unite them together to participate. The spring fundraiser is our yearly candy sale fundraiser.

Funds raised through both fundraisers are critical in allowing Calvary to keep up to date with the latest technology for the classrooms, office, and computer and science labs. Classroom smart boards, the new chrome books in the library, updated software, renweb, and our new website are all products of funds raised through fundraisers.  

The success of our school fundraisers is primarily due to parent participation and help.  The sole purpose of our fundraisers is to supply the needed revenue for technology updates in an effort to not roll it over into tuition.  It is our desire that all families participate in the two fundraisers, however, if you're unable to participate in either fundraiser, please contact the office to discuss the buy-out option available.  

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