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Student Council

Student Council

Calvary Academy’s student council is a vibrant part of student life and activities.  Student council members are elected for the positions of president (8th grade), vice-president (8th grade), secretary (7th grade), treasurer (7th grade) and classroom representative (5th-8th grade homerooms).  Student council meets weekly during the junior high lunch period.

Student council hosts 4 school-wide bake sales each year, as well as pizza pop sales for 5th through 8th grade. The proceeds from these fundraisers provide for specific school needs each year.  In addition student council hosts two chapels a year, a toy drive for a local ministry in December, and a dollar drive for an international ministry in the spring. Student council also sponsors additional ministry- related activities as needs are presented.  In 2015-2016 the student council sponsored dollar jeans days to raise money for a local homeless shelter and the adoption of a special needs child from China.

Student council also promotes student life and fellowship.  Sponsored activities have included: acknowledging birthdays on the daily announcements, ugly Christmas sweater contests, classroom bible and general trivia contests, black history month contests, and daily spiritual challenges read over the announcements.  Student council also participates in the planning of Spirit Week each year.

Student council endeavors to serve the school, the community, and provide meaningful experiences to the student body. 

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