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Music & Fine Arts



Calvary Academy’s general music program provides students with experiences that highlight the God-given joy of music at age-appropriate levels. Music classes are held once a week in Kindergarten through fourth grade. Students experience music through active participation in singing, body movement activities, instrumental performance, and age appropriate listening skills.

Elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, music notation and form are explored with each grade building upon the foundation of the previous year. General music classes are interactive, fun and instructive; designed to instill in students a love for music. 

Fine Arts


Through Calvary Academy's Art program, students learn to express their faith through Art instructional activities, applying God’s standards through the use of different media, and expressing their own opinions through their art.  They learn to properly evaluate their finished work. Students are also taught that the process in art is more important than the final product. Each child develops their

creative experiences, with the emphasis on development of space, color, shape, line, value, texture, and patterns. Each child will also develop an awareness of their ability to observe and visualize and create art from the resources of God’s creation.

Middle School & Jr. High Band


Calvary’s band program consists of three bands:  fifth grade (beginning) band, sixth grade band and Junior High (combined 7th and 8th grade) band.  Band classes are offered during the school day. Fundamental skills in music notation, theory and instrumental performance are emphasized preparing the foundation for a quality instrumental ensemble experience.

Calvary’s bands perform two concerts a year. In 

addition, students are offered opportunities to participate in honors band festivals, solo and ensemble contest, pep band and local music festivals. 

Calvary Academy's Band gives an opportunity for your child to experience the joys and pleasures of music, and to grow in the areas of discipline, teamwork, self-esteem, creativity and self-expression.


September - May

8:40 a.m. - 9:20 a.m.

Please take time to visit Calvary Academy’s media video page. You will find past and current videos. This includes chapel and special events. It is our goal to be intentional in providing events and programming for our students so that they may KNOW, LOVE, and SERVE God.

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